Kim Kardashian gave a lecture at Harvard and caused reactions

Kim Kardashian may have started her career as Paris Hilton’s assistant, but within a few years she has evolved into one of the most famous TV personalities, Instagrammers and “muses” of the most luxurious brands.

In addition to the above, the 41-year-old managed to gain an important position among the richest businesswomen in the world, with her fortune exceeding 1.8 billion and the value of her company estimated at 3.2 billion.

That is why he was invited to speak at one of the most famous universities in the world, that of Harvard, with reactions on social media varying.

The topic of her speech was about her success achieved by her company from 2019 to date.

She shared on social media the news about the lecture she gave at the university through various photos of herself and in the caption of the post she wrote:

“I spoke at Harvard yesterday as part of the ‘HBS Moving Beyond DTC’ course. The class assignment was on SKIMS so my partner, Jens, and I talked about the company’s marketing, challenges and our big successes. I’m very proud of SKIMS and the thought of this being part of a course at Harvard is just crazy.”

They hit back on Instagram – ‘They called you because you’re a Kardashian’
The fact that Kim Kardashian received an invitation to speak at a university of the class of Harvard, provoked reactions.

“It ‘s crazy. Harvard should be ashamed,” “Harvard drop his level’, ‘They only accepted you because you’re Kim Kardashian’ were some of the comments below her post.

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