Kopelouzou – Gazprom part ways

A planned divorce between Russia’s Gazprom and the Kopelouzo group’s Promethea Gas is being accelerated by the geopolitical crisis and the war in Ukraine.

Almost a year after the peak of the energy crisis and the pan-European effort to reduce Russian gas imports into the EU, the two groups are parting ways.

Prometheus Gas will proceed with the acquisition of the 50% owned by the Russian side in the company and will maintain its activity in the natural gas sector, which was limited due to the war.

So from the 1 billion cubic meters of Russian fuel supplied by Prometheus Gas, the quantities were halved due to the crisis and of these, following an agreement, 400,000 cubic meters were supplied directly to PPC from last year.

The change of strategy of the Kopelouzos group in recent years in LNG infrastructures (FSRU) as well as the hostile environment for Russian investments in Greece and Europe, lead to the dissolution of the cooperation, which was discussed in the market for months.

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