Kozani: The ICU of Mamatseios is at risk of being closed – “Impossible to operate with an intensivist”

Without Intensive Care Unit is in danger of staying the Kozani Maternity Hospitalas according to what the ICU director of the hospital complains, it is not possible to operate with just one intensivist.

As he informs speaking to GRTimes the director Konstantinos Stokkos, the ICU of Mamatseios has been operating for the last two years with two intensivists and one anesthesiologist (also movable depending on the needs).

In fact, one of the two intensivists is awaiting the issuance of the relevant gazette, in order to be officially appointed to another hospital, without the coverage, according to the complaint, of his position, with the result that the operation of the Intensive Care Unit is no longer possible .

“We will recommend the closure of the ICU”

“We will recommend that the ICU be closed. We cannot work under these conditions anymore. The situation is already tragic, yes we work 15 days in a row, with “truncated” days off and holidays (including sick days). With the appointment of the colleague to another hospital, the operation of the ICU is not possible,” says Mr. Stokkos to GRTimes.

“50% of hospital beds are empty”

In addition, the director of the ICU makes special mention of the general understaffing of the hospital, emphasizing that “We have no support, no incentives have been given to bring doctors to the region. We are talking about one announcement and the filling of two positions during two years. Organic positions are vacant at a rate of over 50%. And it is a large hospital, in the capital of western Macedonia, which accepts large patient load and from neighboring prefectures”. For his part, the president of the Hospital Employees’ Union also spoke about the many shortages in medical, nursing and administrative staff. Dimitris Koukouvikis.

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