Land of Olives: The murderous attack against Kimon shocks all of Mani

In tonight’s episode of the series “The land of the olive tree”, Vasiliki moves into Marina’s house and seems determined to proceed with a divorce, despite Philippou’s pleas to return to him. The news of Kimon’s alleged suicide attempt shocks the village. Most devastated of all is Demosthenes, who learns the truth behind his son’s injury and is tormented by remorse. Stathis and Areti rush to the side of the family, putting aside what separates them, in order to support the collapsing Aspasia.

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The Land of Olives - Second Cycle |  Tuesday 24/1 21:00 (trailer)

Dimitra is also a tragic figure, who refuses to believe that Kimonas tried to end his life while he had proposed to her. So, he begs Curacao to start an investigation. Athena, affected by the incident, finds support on the side of Michalis who desperately tries to get closer to her. At the same time, Manos and Marina take another step towards the definitive adoption of Angeliki. Kimon’s health deteriorates rapidly in the hospital and Aspasia and Demosthenes are called to make the most difficult decision of their lives.

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