Liakoulis: We call on the Greek people to give a vote of confidence to PASOK

“Today’s debate touches the heart of the democratic state, the core of the Constitution. We participate – not in any parliamentary process – but in the constitutional foundation on which the People’s trust in the rulers rests. And all this, at the moment when the Constitution became “rag paper” in the hands of the ND. and SYRIZA, who, walking in each other’s footsteps, not hesitating to trample even the “holy and sacred” institutions, in order to remain or sit at all costs, in the seat of power”, emphasized the secretary of K.O. the PASOK – KINAL Evangelia Liakoulis, speaking in the debate about motion of no confidence against the government.

“This very power of both of you, which creates staff states, with chiefs of staff and staff, which opens holes in the objective recruitments, which creates armies of contract hostages, which makes lists for the media but also lists to create media, which leaves the YOU and privatize it out of the window, which creates the education of the “excellent” that only the rich can have, which mercilessly hits small and medium businesses, which leaves farmers and breeders to their fate, which destroys lives by changing the insurance and throwing on the street thousands of people, who while opening a new school in earthquake-stricken Damasi with company money.

It still has 80 families of earthquake victims in the containers, which decorates its institutions, which humiliates justice with prejudicial circuits and hangs people-targets on pegs, which aims to control the joints of your infamous power, which you share positions with each other – as, for example, recently in ASEP where you found it fine 9 one – 6 the other, who changes laws to take control of even the EYP and even changes the qualifications to put his chosen one – creating a parastatal that even directors would envy spy films that broke the box office and how many others, which time does not allow me to mention. They are you. So much the same in the way you build your power and that’s exactly our big difference”, Mrs. Liakoulis added.

“A great example today, where the two gladiators and authoritarians unfolded their arguments. Mr. Tsipras for the monitoring of the 10 with proofs and data from the Anti-Corruption Commission, to which Mr. Gerapetritis replied “”guilty, guilty, who cares”. These are you: TWO GUILTY AND YOU ARE ARGUING, BECAUSE THE GUILTY IS GUILTY TO THEM! This is exactly what you are saying to the Greek people that they cannot blame me, because they are as guilty as I am. Mr Gerapetritis described with absolute honesty what you both are: Guilty.

We look the Greek people in the eye and tell them: 5 months ago, Nikos Androulakis walked a path of consistency and institutionality, despite the blatant personal attacks. He brought to Justice and the Independent Authorities the arbitrariness of Maximos’ company at the expense of democratic institutions and human rights. For 5 months we have been watching the second cover-up scandal being orchestrated by Kyriakos Mitsotakis. With the Commission of Inquiry – a travesty where everyone involved was protected, the a la carte instrumentalization of “secrecy” and the ongoing operation of unconstitutional silencing of the Independent Authorities to go to elections with the people in the dark. The image of institutional decline has now been documented,” he added.

“In any other country if this slide into authoritarianism had taken place, the government would have rapidly decayed or fallen.
To trouble you gentlemen and ladies of the official opposition because it is not happening here. It is not because you abused the institutions as rulers and the memories are still fresh from the 5 working day referendum, what is revealed about TV licenses and control of the joints of power. ND and SYRIZA have one thing in common: contempt for institutions and the silencing of independent authorities. That is why the dilemma of the next elections will be one: Either with those who are capable of everything, as long as they have a position of power at the expense of the public interest, at the expense of institutions and Democracy, or with those who are capable of sacrificing everything , to ensure social peace, prosperity and respect for human rights in our country”, argued Evangeliia Liakoulis.

“PASOK has always been the one that sacrificed even itself, reforming the country, democratizing the institutions, promoting self-government, establishing independent authorities, keeping the country in the euro zone and not putting the national interest on the scale of small party benefits. We vote against the Government, we do not trust the official opposition, we call on the Greek People to give a vote of confidence to PASOK, which is ready, whenever necessary, to sacrifice everything for the homeland and our People”, he concluded.

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