Lock even on the same day for those who do not cut receipts

Even heavier penalties will be imposed from this year on those who do not cut receipts or they do not update it in time myData of the tax office. Based on the updated Tax Procedure Codethe Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) will be able to place a same-day lock on shops that do not issue retail sales receipts, as well as on those businesses that do not transmit the receipts to myData that issue.

If it is not established that they exist violations that result in suspension operation of the business establishment immediately for 48 hours, with the act of suspension the suspension of the business establishment is defined and the start time of the application of the measure is determined in hours within the day of issuance of the act, as well as the relative expiration time.

In cases where the compelling findings the suspension of operation of the business establishment immediately for 96 hours or for 10 days, the suspension of operation in these cases cannot begin before the lapse of at least two (2) calendar days from date of service of the deed of suspension of operation and the written notification for the time of its execution.

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