MasterChef: “Adelina Varthakouris helped me in my first steps, I love her very much”

Nikos Kontos participated in his auditions MasterChef vying for a spot in the cooking competition house.

The 20-year-old with a special love for media and photography, revealed his collaboration with Adelina Varthakouriswhen he started his first jobs as a photographer.

“I have worked with some agencies here in Athens and I have also worked with another channel as a photographer. There is one collaboration that I am proud of that has been done, it is with Mrs. Adelina Varthakouris,” said the MasterChef contestant.

And he added: “My relationship with Adelina Varthakouris is very good. I love her very much, she helped me in my first steps in photography”, said Nikos Kontos on MasterChef.

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