MasterChef: ‘Bend’ and stop filming – ‘Cut it down a bit’

The 32-year-old Pavlos from Lefkada made his first appearance in front of his judges MasterChef vying for a place in the cooking competition.

Talking about his life and his love for his dog Victor, Pavlos couldn’t hold back tears of emotion for their special relationship.

“Besides the cooking part which is something very strong for me at the moment and then okay… of course there is my great love which is Victor. Half” said Pavlos bursting into tears.

When asked by the production if he cried for Victor, the 32-year-old briefly asked to cut the clip, saying: “Come on. Cut it a little” and added: “You get a lot of love, which you definitely don’t get from people that much,” he said emotionally.

MasterChef – Watch a clip from the new episode:

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