MasterChef player breaks down in tears while talking about his dog

“MasterChef 7” auditions wrap up tonight, with contestants vying for the coveted apron from the judges.

Some of them have their own stories to tell, which often move them. One of them is the 32-year-old Pavlos from Lefkada, who “bent” when he started talking about his dog, Victor.

Speaking on camera, the player said: “Besides the cooking part which is something very strong for me at the moment and then ok… Of course there is my great love which is Victor” and he could not hold back his tears.

When asked by the production if he cried for Viktor, the 32-year-old briefly asked to cut the clip by saying: “Come on. Cut it a little” and added: “You get a lot of love, which you definitely don’t get from people that much.”

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MasterChef 2023 |  Pavlos - Audition - Episode 4

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