“Mega Stories” presents the stories of a new generation of creators

They are young, talented and, despite the times, creative. They are probably the last people you expect to succeed on a TV show. But the ones that are really worth seeing and listening to.

On Monday 30 January at 00:10, the show “MEGA Stories” dedicates its first episode of the new year to the young Greek creators, the people of the generation of millennials and Gen Z, and records their interesting stories. Dora Anagnostopoulou meets writers, dancers, musicians, DJs, visual artists and actors who, with their ideas and work, compose an interesting mosaic of contemporary art.

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Mega Stories |  Monday 30/1, 00:10 (trailer)

Phoivos Oikonomidis explains how, at the age of 25, he was able to win the State Award for Debut Author with his “North” as his compass. Vassilis Magouliotis fully justifies the fact that he is considered the strongest “Player” of the new Greek theater.

The visual artist Panos Profitis remembers how useful his art was when he decided to restore the broken nose of a statue in the public space. Songwriter D3lta answers the question of what it’s like to be described as the Greek descendant of David Bowie.
Maestro Jose Angel, who grew up as a child prodigy in Venezuela, left his homeland and came to Greece to help children less fortunate than himself.

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