Michailidou: We continue to shield child protection, so that no child is in danger again

“We continue to strengthen child protection so that no child is put at risk again. We have finally managed to turn the page as a society and I thank you all for that. We continue!”, he declared the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidouduring the first online seminar “Prevention and Dealing with Incidents of Abuse-Neglect of Minors”, organized by the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), in which 1,300 minors protection officers from all over the country participated.

Mrs. Michailidou congratulated the president of EKKA, Mrs. Dedoulis, for the new round of meetings, as, as she pointed out, it is important that there is information among all those responsible for child protection about their responsibilities, obligations and rights, but also about the development of the ability to recognize signs of abuse in the image and behavior of children.

Regarding the government’s initiatives over the past four years, which aim to combat the phenomenon of child abuse, the Deputy Minister indicated:

– Law 4837, as it is the first time that the State has instituted measures to prevent and deal with incidents of child abuse in any type of structure.

– The protocol of behaviours, actions and reactions, for all these structures, which is applied for the first time, with the aim of preventing abusive behaviours, wherever they come from. – The establishment of the white criminal record of all those who offer services in child protection, care, employment, education and entertainment structures.

– The establishment of the Juvenile Protection Officer and the National Reporting and Monitoring System.

– The National Child Protection Line “1107”.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Domna Michailidou, said: “For the last four years, we as a State wanted to change the page in child protection and in this effort we are and will continue to be all together. States, competent bodies, citizens, each one of us has a duty to do everything in our power to break the silence and finally put an end to child abuse.

The ministry has the will, the National Center for Social Solidarity has the scientific knowledge and expertise, and you, the protection officers, have the dedication to a common cause. I am really happy about this meeting of ours today. It is important both symbolically and substantively. It is the first time that women and men from all over Greece meet on the same website in the context of a common effort: to control, prevent and deal with the phenomenon of child abuse. Our flag is child protection!”.

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