Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress

THE Michelle Yeo she is the first Asian woman to win a nomination for the Oscar for Best Actress.

The 60-year-old actress was nominated by the Academy for her performance in the film “Everything Everywhere All At Once”. The film received a total of 11 nominations at this year’s awards.

In the plot, Evelyn, an Asian woman who immigrated to America to pursue her dreams, has to deal with a laundromat with poor financial management, an indolent husband, a strict father and an unruly daughter.


The actress plays Evelyn Wang, the Chinese-American owner of the bakery, who struggles not only to get along with those close to her, especially her daughter, but also to be consistent with her payments.

Everything Everywhere All At Once |  Official Trailer HD |  A24

Born in Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh previously won the ‘Miss Malaysia’ beauty title in 1983.

She has participated in many action films, but the roles that made her known to the general public were those in the films “Memories of a Geisha”, “Tiger and Dragon” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

She has been engaged to businessman Jean Todt since 2005. The couple met in June 2004 at a tournament in Shanghai, and as she said, she immediately fell in love with his sense of humor and blue eyes. However, they have no plans for marriage yet as both of their schedules are very busy.

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Immediately after the names of the actors nominated for the Oscars became known, Michelle Yeoh gave an interview to Deadline, stating that this distinction is not only important for her, but for all Asians.

After all, for many years the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did not include minority actors in the nominations, a fact for which it has received harsh criticism from the public.

“What matters to me is that now all the Asians out there are going to say, ‘Look, it’s possible. If she did it, then I can do it.’ This is the most important thing. I’m very used to the job, I do it right, I work hard and I know there are so many amazing actresses who have a seat at the table. All they have to do is find the opportunity to grab that position.” he said characteristically.

A month before the Oscar nominations were announced, Michelle Yeoh was considered the absolute favorite. In an interview at the time, she had stated: “I feel like the whole Asian community has been thinking the same thing as me. They all came and told me “you are doing all this for us”.

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