Mitarakis: Baida was not originally 38, she left the country without documents from the Greek authorities

In the case of the 38 immigrants in Evrothe alleged death of “5-year-old Maria” but also the role of the “representative” of the immigrant group, Baida, was mentioned by the Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Mr. Notis Mitarakis.

As he said at noon on Tuesday on the show “Mismatches” on SKAI, referring to the request to exhume the alleged child, he said that Turkey reacted and the Greek side asked for the family’s permission to help mediate, however “the family refused us through the lawyers of the NGO who represented them to take action towards Turkey”.

Then the Minister of Immigration and Asylum said that a few weeks later, after the government revealed that little Maria did not exist, they submitted a request to the Orestiados Prosecutor. However, when they themselves were summoned to testify where exactly on the islet the alleged burial of “5-year-old Maria” took place, the family replied that they did not bury their child, they gave it to some others of the 38 to go somewhere further away to bury it. “The family that buried their child does not know where they buried him and did not bury him themselves. This story has too many holes from the first moment and that’s why there is now absolute certainty that there is a fake story”, said Mr. Mitarakis.

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At the same time, referring to what SYRIZA attributes to him, Mr. Mitarakis launched an attack on the official opposition, calling on him to put an end to the montage, as he was the one who on August 16 publicly conveyed what some of the migrants said as soon as they found themselves on Greek soil about a dead body child, while then after the investigation carried out by the Greek State, he informed the Parliament pointing out that there is neither a missing nor a dead child.

Mr. Mitarakis once again emphasized the, at least, suspicious role played by the two NGOs that initiated the case, stressing that there are executives in them who had an institutional role during the SYRIZA government. In fact, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum spoke about the enigmatic role played by the informal “spokesperson” of the “38” in the international media, the so-called Bayda, who, unknown how, joined the group and then left Greece, without even to have documents from the competent authorities of the country.

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Referring to Baida, Mr. Mitarakis noted that “it was not in the NGO’s submission to the European Court in Strasbourg. He showed up at the last minute. Appeared and integrated with this group not from the authorities. It is not on the list submitted by the two NGOs to the European Court of Human Rights. This is something that the judiciary is investigating. However, we know that he is outside Greece. According to the 2016 Joint Declaration between the European Union and Turkey there is no legal right for anyone from Turkey to come illegally to Greece and then go illegally to Germany. Some rightists try to present that this is something that is allowed and should be done and has a humanitarian basis. It has no basis in international law. It is an illegal entry into the European Union by people who have resorted to justice. I also met her in Evros. Look, he entered the country with the 38 from the islet. They chanced upon a boat – this is one of the other points we had discussed then. How was the boat found? He has not legally left Greece. Or in any case, to put it correctly, he has not left with Greek papers”.

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