Mitsotakis chooses the crash test with Tsipras – Intermediate station the proposal of censure

“With Mr. Tsipras I don’t choose conflict, I choose the comparison». With this phrase from Heraklion last night the Kyriakos Mitsotakis it not only left its mark on the politically polarized days that follow, in view of the culmination of the debate on the censure motion submitted by SYRIZA, but also on the entire scope of the long pre-election period that has already begun to unfold. This logic of Mr. Mitsotakis, after all, is also summarized in the dilemmas he poses to the citizens, with the following one being the most basic: “Mitsotakis or Tsipras at the helm of the country?”.

Speech by the Prime Minister and President of the ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Heraklion, Crete

And Mr. Tsipras can, with a tip wiretapping case, to focus the discussion on issues of democracy and the functioning of institutions, Mr. Mitsotakis, however, wants to broaden the agenda. Hence, from Heraklion yesterday he did not only refer to infrastructure projects that were done and will be launched in the next period, but he made a more general comparison of the actions of the SYRIZA government and his own government. “Citizens have experienced four years of lies and taxes. And I believe they appreciate the years of financial breathing space as well national dignity which followed. They now know who in practice “count and move on“, and who in the words “scatters without measuring”, said Mr. Mitsotakis. This does not mean that Mr. Mitsotakis does not will pick up the gauntlet which Mr. Tsipras throws at him Friday in Parliament. The prime minister is planning his own counterattack which includes the “silence” of Mr. Tsipras so far regarding what is being revealed in the Special Court regarding the Pappas-Kalogritsa text messages, where the distribution of his shareholding was taking place SYRIZA Channel, for the case of “Maximos Sarafis” who went from being a protected witness in the Novartis case to being prosecuted as a felony for financial fraud, but also for the instrumentalization of independent authorities, such as the Anti-Corruption Commission. After all, Mr. Mitsotakis reserved yesterday a nail for the head of Christos Rammos, essentially questioning his independence. “Mr. Tsipras wrote the preface of his defeat by himself, filing a motion of no confidence in the government. Be sure, however, that this motion of disbelief it will turn into a suggestion of his own disloyalty to the people“, explained Mr. Mitsotakis from Heraklion. The prime minister believes that there are other things that “burn” the citizens and it is exactly this agenda that the ND chooses to put forward, although he is not going to not give answers for what Mr. Tsipras says.


“Blood and Sand”

In the Parliament, however, the conflict will culminate at noon on Friday. Already, the process for the motion of censure began yesterday in an electrified atmosphere, with top party officials crossing swords. The SYRIZA MP Dimitris Tzanakopoulos characterized him Kyriakos Mitsotakis as “leader of a criminal organization”. THE Adonis Georgiades broke out anyway, against the backdrop of the developments in the Novartis case, while once again clashing with the Pavlos Polakis. “Destepabasidis is in the bouzo today. This is the scammer you are referring to. My case has been filed. If you have your magic, show it to Kalogritsa who told you to shut it up,” said Mr. Georgiadis to Mr. Polakis. Earlier, the former SYRIZA minister had described Mr. Georgiadis as a “conscious and professional liar”, while telling him that he was not exonerated for the Novartis case. “You were filed by a corrupt prosecutor. Everything will be re-investigated,” he added.

In this atmosphere reminiscent of the movie “Blood and Sand”, the political confrontation is expected to continue in the coming days, with the process yesterday lasting until the “black midnight”, while the aim is for the vote on SYRIZA’s request to take place at noon of Friday.

Citizens want government

At the same time that the battle of the Parliament is developing for an issue that is recorded rather low in the priorities of the citizens in terms of their vote, ND sees the polls to clearly register a tendency to strengthen bipartisanship, but also the feeling of the citizens for clean governance options.

Based on her research GPO for Star and as regards the first Sunday of the election, it is now increased to 50.9% the percentage of citizens who prefer a second electoral contest, with 45.9% to opt for the formation of a coalition government if self-reliance is not achieved. It is noted that in November, GPO had recorded at 49.8% the citizens who chose a cooperation government, so this is a reversal of the trend.


Despite the fact that citizens declare that they will go to the polls “with the energy crisis in mind”, the ND government’s tenure is viewed positively by 50.4% of voters, while 51.5% say that things would be worse with a SYRIZA government. An important role in the citizens’ vote, as they say, will also be played by the person they consider most suitable for the prime ministership, as well as the issue of the development of the economy.

Given these, the ND shows an increase in its percentage, which stands at 33.3% from 32.4% in November, while SYRIZA also shows an increase from 25.6% to 26.2%. In terms of eligibility for prime minister, the difference between Mitsotakis and Tsipras rises to 12.1 points, while the victory figure is 39.9 points, which means that the citizens practically discount the first place.

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