Murder of Alki Kampanou: “It was an organized hit, an “unorthodox war” operation” – The testimony of the father

The father of the deceased Alki Kampanou is the first witness examined by the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki regarding the murder of his 19-year-old son and the attack on his two friends on February 1, 2022 in the area of ​​Harilaou.

In his testimony, Aristides Kampanos initially described his son’s character, typically saying that he was “my spiritual father”, he stated that his son was a worthy child, an excellent character who had never caused any trouble and was not an organized fan of Aris, the team he loved and supported.

“The last communication I had with my son was at 20.15 when I tried to communicate via Viber. He told me that he was at the club for food and would be back because the next day he was teaching a lesson and would continue reading. From what I was informed he then went out for a walk with his friends in the area of ​​Harilaou”, he initially reported, noting that “at 3 in the evening my brother contacted me to tell me about an incident”.

Mr. Kampanos stated that he did not know any of the 12 defendants sitting in the dock today, and learned about them through the case file.

Regarding the character of the 19-year-old, he said that “about Alkis, what a child he was, as a father I could mention that I got to know him through the letters and messages I received from his friends, classmates and teachers. He went through many schools, being a military man we had frequent transfers and changed schools every two years. It was difficult to constantly adapt to the new environments of the school.”

“Alkis was a calm child, he never made a fuss, never a problem, we had never heard from anyone that he had caused a problem. On the contrary, we often received messages from teachers and friends, kind comments about the quality of Alki’s character.” said the 19-year-old’s father.

“He was my spiritual father”

A special moment in the victim’s father’s testimony was when he told the court how “Alkis, it may sound ironic, but it is a reality, he was my spiritual father, the voice of my conscience. Many times I got angry, I was angry, there were not a few times he advised me to behave more politely, not to be angry, not to rage, to I love animals and so much more. What I’m telling you is the truth, even if it sounds exaggerated.”
Alki’s father then stated that his son was a simple fan of Ares, he went to matches but not regularly, a total of about eight times and both with him.

“He wasn’t registered in any association, he wasn’t even a fan, he was a simple sports fan and he loved Aris. He must have gone twice to see matches, once or twice to a match (s.s. outside of Thessaloniki). Once he went in Patras in a cup match. He had never been arrested for incidents, he had never been brought in, he was not that kind of kid. He was a very good student, smart, with an 18.5 high school diploma. He was into sports. As an army officer, I tried to I convinced him to follow the military profession but he didn’t want to, he wanted to follow his own path. He chose Finance. It was the second choice, the first was computers.” said Mr. Kampanos.

The moment it bent

Alki’s father told the court that from what he read in the case file, it appears that the defendants acted in an organized and cold manner. Speaking with his military experience, he emphasized that this was an organized hit, they had structure, organization, someone was the leader and the rest were members. “All of them were carrying lethal weapons. It was pre-planned and it can be seen from the fact that all 12 had mobile phones, half of them were left at the link while the rest were taken during their movement and switched off before reaching the scene. In this army it’s called “radio silence”, they did it in order not to be detected by EL.AS. The way they acted, they struck quickly, they were at the scene, they had information from the beginning, they took phones from strangers, they knew where they were going to carry out the attack and they knew that there were groups of five people, it can be seen from the case file. They knew about people from another group, namely Aris.” he said.

“The vehicles moved in a phalanx, reaching as far as Harilaou and switched off their mobiles. They acted quickly and the attack again happened quickly. It was pre-planned before the whole ‘unorthodox war’ operation started. as we say in the army. They left to go back together to gate 4. I’m telling you, it was premeditated, if any of them were in a different mood, to do something different holding weapons, they should have reacted somewhat differently when they were hitting Alkis and he was yelling ‘don’t hit me anymore'” , said Mr. Kampanos, while it was the first time he bent. “To behave humanely. I don’t know what the human psyche is like and why they got to this point.” he noted and apologized to the court as he could not continue his testimony and had to stop for a minute to drink water.

“I try not to look at the news – I don’t know what blows Alkis brought”

Mr. Kampanos, following his testimony in court, emphasized that none of the defendants has revealed to date who was the one who ordered and organized the murderous attack with fan motives, while at another point he stated that he was trying not to look at what they broadcast the media about the murder of his son, so that he can arrive in court cool.

Speaking about the weapons carried by the perpetrators, namely the karabid knives and the sickle, he said the former is used to create as much wear and tear on the internal organs as possible. “It’s got a curve, it basically ‘gulls’ when it goes in. They’re in it to kill. They’re in it to kill, they’re killers. Two people were holding karabittes and a scythe, as I recall from the case file. You cut people, you cut people’s lives with the karabits”, he said, while adding that the defendants had with them, additional crowbars, collapsible gloves and wooden stilts.

To this day, Alkis’ father, as he said during his testimony, has not been to the scene of his son’s murder, he has not read in detail the forensic report on the murderous blows Alkis received and emphasized that the defendants intended to kill.

When asked by the family’s lawyer, Alexis Kouyaregarding how he feels about the apology requested yesterday by four of the 12 defendants, said characteristically: “I can’t make up my mind. Why do they apologize when they think they have done nothing? So they have the same opinion as me. With what they did, they ruined the life of the whole family. They agree with our opinion. Together with Alki, they ruined the life of the whole family. Sorry is different from sorry, to be with them in the same space. Ask God for forgiveness“, emphasized Mr. Kampanos.

Yours was interrupted… just started

Today’s hearing in his murder trial Alki Kampanou and the injury of his two friends, began with great intensity and had to stop for a quarter, after a heated argument of Alexis Kouya with defense attorneys.

The verbal episode started when one of the defense lawyers accused Mr. Kouya of making inflammatory statements on the channels, saying that he is talking about a climate of terror to the witnesses and arguing that this is not the case.

Mr. Kougias answered and intense dialogues followed, in which other defendants’ advocates also participated.

“Twelve dams and they did nothing?”Mr. Kougias said to one of the advocates, while he then pronounced the word in a strong tone “nowhere”, causing reactions from some of the advocates.

The chair adjourned the proceedings and the chair resumed after about 15 minutes.

Mine continues with the testimony of the witness friend of Alkis.

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