“My little girl will become a mother” – The post made by Eleni Foureira’s sister

Regarding him Alberto Botiastated that he is very supportive as a partner and believes that fatherhood will suit him perfectly.

“The first person I shared the news of the pregnancy with was Alberto, of course. He was and is a tremendously supportive partner and I’m sure he’ll be a fantastic dad. It is the ideal companion in both joys and difficulties”she said of her partner.

However, the singer faced many difficulties in her pregnancy. As she revealed, she had a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.

“I can say that at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had quite a hard time. In the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I had a miscarriage that forced me to cancel all my work commitments and stay in bed for three months. It was a difficult time for me. I was upset, I fell a lot”remembers Eleni Foureira.

“I remember laying in bed reading on sites or on shows about a rumored pregnancy or listening to people on shows talking about the gender of the baby, at a time when I had neither declared that I was pregnant nor knew if the next day I would i have the child I don’t blame anyone, I understand what they do, it’s just that for me it was barbaric. Let’s just say there was a time when I wish they didn’t know my name“, he added closing.

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