My Style Rocks – Emilia: “We had a Koudounaris, you brought us another female and a bald one”

THE Emily she is one of the players who have stood out in this year’s My Style Rocks, both for the comments she makes and for her style.

Iliana Papageorgiou liked the player’s appearance today, but the judge and model disagreed with the concept, considering that it degraded her current choice. Then, addressing Katerina Karavatou, she made a humorous comment about Stelios Koudounaris.

In more detail, shortly after the judge’s comments, Emilia looked at Katerina Karavatou and said: “We had a Rattlesnake, they brought us two more Rattlesnake, a female and a bald one. This thing this year…I don’t know.’

Iliana Papageorgiou burst out laughing, while the presenter swallowed hard and continued the flow of the program.

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