My Style Rocks: Stelios Koudounaris is furious with Emilia – “Do I have to apologize for something?”

He seemed to be particularly irritated Stelios Koudounaris in today’s episode My Style Rocks with Emilia’s complaints about her score yesterday.

“Do I have to apologize for something?” asked Stelios Koudounaris, with the player asking to know the reason why he graded her with an ace in her performance yesterday.

“When I was explaining my score to you and you didn’t listen to me because you were making fun of Mr. Skoulos, do you remember? At this moment you remember her: I explained to you why I put you 1” answered the judge with Emilia starting to compare her own look with that of other girls.

“Do you want to talk about you or the other girls?” Stelios Koudounaris asked her, with the player continuing to protest saying that all this is unfair and that her own look was much better compared to that presented by other girls.

“By what criteria do you say that? With what knowledge? You come to tell us that you are superior to your teammates by your own criteria. I have other criteria. I will not participate in this my love. Do you want to hear my opinion or not? From the time you stood here you won’t let me talk.

You only say your own and I tell you again that yesterday I explained and analyzed your look to the point where you wanted to hear. I deconstructed it because it was crap. Your look yesterday was awful. I explained to you that it was completely wrong and you insist that you were right, you insult your teammates and you also insult me ​​for not having the right criteria… I speak my opinion. No matter how bad your character is, I will tell you exactly what I believe…” Stelios Koudounaris told her in a strong tone, proceeding with his criticism of her current appearance.

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