NATO: Sweden and Finland’s membership freezes – Turkey blocked talks

The negotiations between her Turkeyher Sweden and her Finland for joining NATO were postponed indefinitely at Ankara’s request, a source from the Anchor in the RIA Novosti.

“At our request, the tripartite arrangement between Turkey, Sweden and Finland has been canceled indefinitely”, the Turkish source told the Russian agency. According to the same source, the next meeting under the mechanism was to take place in Brussels in February.

On Saturday afternoon, as part of protests outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Rasmus Paludan from the far-right Stram Kurs party burned a copy of the Koran. This move angered the Turkish government, with the Turkish Foreign Ministry characterizing it as a clear violation of the obligations of the tripartite memorandum signed by Sweden to prevent the propaganda of terrorist organizations.

A few hours later, Erdogan made it clear how Sweden “shouldn’t expect support from Turkey” for joining NATO, expressing anger at the demonstration.

It is remembered that Finland and the Sweden decided to join NATO on May 18 amid the events in Ukraine. Their applications have already been approved by 28 countries of the alliance, but Hungary and Turkey have not ratified them.

Ankara is demanding that Stockholm and Helsinki stop supporting the PKK and extradite activists considered in Turkey to be involved in terrorism. The Turkish authorities have repeatedly stated that without the fulfillment of these promises there will be no progress in the admission of the northern countries to NATO.

Possible NATO membership without Sweden is being considered in Helsinki

Meanwhile, The Finn Minister of Foreign Affairs in statements he made on his country’s public television, stated for the first time that the Finland perhaps it should consider the option of joining NATO without it Sweden.

However, in another interview he gave by phone to Reuters he said that Finland and Sweden have repeatedly stated that they plan to join NATO at the same time and this has not changed, underscoring the advantages of joint membership with the neighboring country.

“I see no reason to discuss it,” he characteristically replied when asked if Finland might proceed with membership without Sweden.

In comments he made, however, on the Yle public television, according to the AFP, the Peka Haavisto said that a joint membership of the two Nordic countries remains “the first choice”, but “Obviously we have to assess the situation, whether something has happened that in the long term makes Sweden no longer able to move forward” and judged it to be “too early to take a position.”

The head of Finnish diplomacy has ruled that a break is needed in the talks between the two Nordic countries and Turkey regarding their accession plans.

“We need a break before we go back to the tripartite talks and see where we are and things calm down after the current situation, so no conclusions should be drawn yet.”Haavisto said in a phone interview with Reuters.

“I think there will be a break for a couple of weeks”he estimated.

Haavisto said he had talks with his Turkish counterpart yesterday, Monday Mevlut Cavusoglu. “They are clearly feeling the pressure from the upcoming elections in mid-May and because of this the dialogue has understandably become intense in many ways in Turkey.”

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