Nea Ionia: Arrests for the attack on high school and high school students

At arrest of a 17-year-old and two youths the police proceeded, while a 20-year-old man has also been identified after an organized attack by dozens of out-of-school students against high school and high school students Nea Ioniaon Monday at noon.

Two girls, according to statements received by the police, were the cause of the attack by a group of 15-20 extracurriculars, aged 16 to 20.

Some students told me that it was all the fault of two female students, who are friendly and know some of the extracurriculars” the deputy director of the Lyceum emphasized to ERT.

They are wanted, at the same time, six other students. All those arrested so far are accused of bodily harm by complicity against minors, while the 17-year-old is also charged with false testimony.

I took my stepfather’s car without him knowing. I went to a tire dealer located near where the incident took place. There I was spotted by a friend of mine along with two unknown people and they asked me to take them to the Galatsi area. I don’t know anything about the fight” emphasized the 17-year-old. “Let’s say that I was in front and I saw people going to high school kids with knives» pointed out a student.

According to the testimonies, the attackers, who wore full face masks, were targeting a specific student, whom they were looking for. One of the students of the 3rd High School he was injured by punches to the jaw and head.

At the same time, four of the alleged perpetrators approached another 2nd high school student and they asked him if he knew the juvenile they were looking for. When he nodded, they hit him on the head with spoons and punched him in the right eye. In his attempt to protect himself, he went out into the street and was dragged by a passing car, luckily without being seriously injured.

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