New Zealand: An emotional Jacinda Ardern said goodbye to the prime minister next to Maori

The outgoing Prime Minister of New Zealand could not hold back her tears, Jacinda Ardernat a gathering of Maori politicians and elders held today at city ​​of Ratana24 hours before handing over the reins of the country to the successor and new leader of the Labor Party, Chris Hipkins.

Wearing a traditional Maori garment, called a ‘korowai’, the Ardern, 42 she declared with emotion that it was a “great privilege” to have served her country and was quick to praise her successor.

In her speech, which she had not planned as she pointed out, the crowd gave her a particularly warm reception.

Jacinda Ardern bids emotional farewell at last event as New Zealand's PM

However, she hastened to reject the claims that the threats which she often received in the last months, was the reason for her departure from power, as characteristically reported by the British newspaper “Guardian”.

“I’m ready to be a sister and a mother”she said characteristically and referring to her successor, Chris Hipkins, he spoke of a “down-to-earth and practical” politician.

Ardern also thanked her fellow citizens for what she said showed her up empathy and kindness.

The 42-year-old center-left politician, a role model for many around the world, attracted global attention when she attended a United Nations assembly with her baby and wore a hijab following a massacre against Muslims.

Although she has been the target of hate and online abuse from far-right extremists on social media, she stressed that she is leaving office with love in her heart.

“I want you to know that I leave with greater love and affection for ‘Aotearoa’ – as New Zealand is called in the Maori language – and its people”.

“I didn’t think this was possible”said the outgoing woman New Zealand prime ministerdripping honey for her partners.

“I never did this work alone. I did it with these wonderful people who are doing their duty for New Zealand. And I leave knowing that you are in the best of hands».

Ardern plans to remain a member of parliament until April and has said she will not run in the October election. She also insisted that she is ready for her new, relatively unseen role.

“I am ready to be many things. I am ready to become an ordinary member of parliament. I am ready to be a sister and a mother”he characteristically said.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest privilege of my life,” Ardern told the crowd.

Officially, he will step down tomorrow handing over the reins of the country to the new leader of the Labor Party, Chris Hipkins.

Ardern and Hipkins, along with opposition politicians, visited the town of Ratana, where a weekly celebration of the birth of Maori prophet Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana is held, the Daily Mail reports.

The speeches were followed by speeches, songs and dances, while Maori elders spoke highly of the outgoing Prime Minister.

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