Nikiforos: His reaction when asked about his rumored relationship with Dimitra Katsafadou

Statements to the cameras of the TV shows were made by Victorious on the evening of Monday 23/1, who was at the Pallas theater to watch the premiere of the play “Sayo’s Madman”.

The well-known singer, among other things, was asked about her his personal life, but also for the rumors that wanted him to be a couple with Dimitra Katsafadou.

“It has been commented on your personal life from time to time, as it has recently been released with Dimitra Katsafado…”, said the reporter, with Nikiforos answering: “Okay, and?”.

As for whether he has been accused of relationships that are not valid, Nikiforos said: “It doesn’t bother me when something doesn’t happen.”

The video was shown on the show Happy Day.

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