Nikos Moutsinas: “My mood is to stop the everyday life of the year”

You made statements to the television cameras on the evening of Monday 1/24 Nikos Moutsinason the occasion of the official premiere of the play in which he stars, “Sayo’s Madness” at the Pallas Theater.

The host of the show “Good Afternoon” among other things, he talked about his television future, while also expressing his desire to stop the daily show.

“If I had something to announce, wouldn’t I announce it on a daily show? So that I don’t have to announce something, maybe I don’t? Is there anything else I want to say? When I have, I will tell you with great joy. I am not bothered by the reports about whether I am staying or leaving SKAI”, said Nikos Moutsinas initially.

Nikos Moutsinas then said: “For them to say something like that, they just spoil… the bargain for me. What bothers me is when they say something about my personality or my bad behavior, when it hasn’t happened. I get irritated, I get angry.”

In closing, Nikos Moutsinas said: “My mood is to stop the daily life of time.”

The video was shown on the show Mega Kalimera

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