Nikos Vertis: The moment he makes… “horns” to Bo from the dance floor, after the kisses of Karolina and Mario

In the night club where he appears Nick Vertis found last Saturday 21/1 o Bo.

The rapper, who maintains a friendly relationship with the well-known singer, visited the night club in order to have fun with his company and to forget what happened with his former lover Karolina Kalyva, after the revelation of her romance with Mario Priamos Ioannidis in Survivor.

Nikos Vertis, who was aware of what had happened with the rapper and his ex-partner, wanted to poke fun at the situation and that’s why when he was on the dance floor singing the verse “The end has come for both of us, the I don’t forgive treason” from his song “Leave” he raised his hand making “horns” to Bo.

This move, according to the report of Stefanos Konstantinidis who was in the company of the rapper, does not seem to have bothered Bo, who has a good sense of humor.

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