Today at the First Cemetery, the last “farewell” to Nikos Xanthopoulos

Greece says goodbye to him today Nikos Xanthopoulos, the actor who managed, through his roles, his songs and his diamond character, to leave his own special mark in the history of Greek cinema. That is why the unpleasant news of his death, on Sunday, at the age of 89, caused universal emotion, especially among the older ones, to all those who had identified with the troubled but dignified characters he embodied on the big screen.


The body of the beloved actor will be in his room from 12 noon First Cemetery of Athens where the civil funerals take place. Those who wish to say goodbye to him will have the opportunity to do so in the hour that elapses until the start of the trisago who will sing, in the same place, at 13.00.

His family will be gathered there, his beloved wife Erifuli, his four children – three sons and a daughter – and his grandchildren, who were constantly by his side during the last, difficult month of his hospitalization, hoping that she too time, he will manage to emerge victorious. Unfortunately, his heart, this great heart that divided all Greece of pain, toil, refugees and bio-wrestling, stopped beating at dawn on Sunday.


His familyexpressed, yesterday, publicly, with her announcement, the request instead of wreaths, money should be deposited in the FoundationThe Actor’s House” (Alpha Bank GR 45 0140 2280 2280 0200 2002 719 – In memory of Nikos Xanthopoulos)”. After all, this was Nikos Xanthopoulos: a man who wanted to help whenever and however he could.

After the end of the civil funeral, the body of the deceased will be cremated, in the Ritsoni crematorium, in a ceremony that will take place in a close family circle.

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