Olympiacos: With Hames, Ramon the mission for the rematch with Aris

He will travel with James Rodríguez on his mission Olympiakos in Thessaloniki for the 1-0 rematch with Aris for the quarter-final phase of the Greek Cup.

After today’s training, Mitchell announced the players who will join the flight to the co-capital – among them the stopper Konstantinos Chrysopoulos, who is 19 years old and was acquired by the yellows. This year he has 9 matches and 1 goal with Olympiakos B’. The Brazilian Ramon also makes his debut in the mission.

Reabciuk was sidelined with left hip fatigue while Retsos failed to get into the Spaniard’s plans in the end. Kasami, on the other hand, has a quad cramp.

Olympiakos mission in detail:

Androutsos, Bakabou, Bouchalakis, Chrysopoulos, Cisse, El Arabi, Fortounis, Inbom Huang, James Rodriguez, Christianson, Embila, Masouras, Doe, Paschalakis, Biel, Ramon, Rodiney, Gary Rodriguez, Samasekou, Papastathopoulos, Tzolakis, Valbuena, Vrousai.

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