Pamela Anderson: “Sylvester Stallone offered me a house and a Porsche to be his girlfriend”

New revelations about her turbulent life Pamela Anderson has surfaced her documentary on Netflix, titled “Pamela, a Love Story”.

The star who emerged as the ultimate sex symbol during the 90s, spoke about her difficult childhood, the sexual abuse and rape she experienced, her career, and the entire film industry.

Among the things she revealed about her life, Pamela Anderson also referred to Sylvester Stallone, who in the past tried to win her over.

As he specifically stated: “He offered me a house and a Porsche to be his No1 girl”while commenting: “Does this mean that there is also No. 2?”

“He said, ‘Honey, this is the best offer you’re going to get. You’re in Hollywood now.’ I rejected him immediately. I wanted to fall in love. I wanted nothing less than that.” added Pamela Anderson.

Representatives of the actor issued a statement to the press, stating that the star’s statement is “false and fabricated. Mr. Stallone confirms that he said none of that.”

So far, it has not been known if, finally, the Hollywood actor proposed to her. Although Pamela Anderson was not romantically linked with him, she was paired with other stars such as Tommy LeeScott Baio, Dean Kane, Eric Nish and Kid Rock.

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