Panathinaikos: Final agreement with Aris for Mancini

They came to a final agreement Panathinaikos and the Mars for his transcription Daniel Mancini to the “greens” (he will sign until 2026), with the deal between the two clubs being completed shortly after midnight on Tuesday and the 27-year-old Argentine winger now preparing to open a new page in his career, after 3.5 years at “Kleanthis Vikelidis”.

After a tough negotiation that had many individual issues to be resolved, the people of the two groups shook hands on all the details. And Mancini will join from Wednesday morning (25/1) Panathinaikos training in Koropi under the instructions of Ivan Yovanovitch and will not compete with Aris in the evening Cup rematch with Olympiakos.

The final amount that Panathinaikos will take out of its coffers to complete the transfer will reach 3 million euros together with the money that Aris will receive, the 20% resale percentage that Bordeaux had, the commissions to agents ( etc) and the tax office.

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