Papastratos: Employer of choice with two top honors

Papastratos, true to its vision of creating a working environment of equality and inclusion, won for another year two important certifications from international, independent agencies.

In 2019, Papastratos, the first company in Greece at the time, received the certification Equal Salary, proving that it is a working environment that provides equal opportunities and equal pay. The re-assessment conducted by PwC and its re-certification by the independent, non-profit foundation EQUAL-SALARY confirms the company’s commitment to being an equal workplace without gender discrimination, ensuring equal pay for equal work and equal opportunities for advancement to everyone. Papastratos remains to this day the only company that has received the Equal Salary certification in our country and, as a member of the parent Philip Morris International (PMI) that received the corresponding global certification, valid until 2025, it consistently proves that it is a employer of choice that operates with a sense of equality and inclusion.

In addition, the Papastratos is awarded for the ninth consecutive year as “Top Employer” in Greece for 2023, from the internationally recognized organization Top Employers Institute, for its best practices and the work experience it offers to its people. At the same time, the parent company PMI was recognized for another year as a “Top Employer”, both in Europe and worldwide.

Papastratos having over time as a priority its people, is dedicated to attracting talent, developing them and creating conditions of inclusion in the workplace. The company continues to consistently offer development opportunities to its employees through training programs which, only in 2022 they exceeded them 100,000 hours. Also, as early as 2021 the company had proceeded to cover it 41% of senior management positions held by womenas well as in provision of an additional 9 weeks of parental leave in relation to Greek legislation, granting a total of up to 18 weeks to the main carer and up to 8 weeks to the secondary one.

On the occasion of the two distinctions, h Maria Patakiouti, General Manager of People and Culture of Papastratos and N.A. Europe of PMI, he said: “Our main priority remains the formation of a working environment where our people feel special and proud and creatively unfold their skills and talents, without any kind of exclusion or discrimination. The Equal Salary certification and our systematic recognition as a “Top Employer” confirm that Papastratos is not just a good employer but an employer of choice. Our aim is to continue firmly on the same path, keeping the principles of equality and inclusion as our main guiding principlesยป.

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