Paris: Knife attack on a young student in front of people

Students and professors of the French University of Paris Cité were in a state of terror. Everything froze when in front of their eyes an unknown man stab young student, who is fighting to stay alive.

As reported by the newspaper “Le Figaro”, the fellow students and her professors unable to realize what happened as the stabbing scene unfolded before their eyes.

The girl was stabbed as was coming out of the elevator University’s. The assailant, who fled, was arrested a few minutes later by the police and taken into custody.

The authorities conduct an investigation in the area around Paris Cité University, while the knife attack took place inside the Saint-Germain-des-Prés campus.

For its part, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office told the newspaper “Le Figaro” that it has launched an investigation into “attempted manslaughter» which has been taken over by the 3rd Department of the Judicial Police (DPJ) in Paris. The 7th floor of the building remains blocked by the authorities, as the French university announced in a statement on Twitter, adding that a psychological support team has rushed to the campus.

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