Parliament: The plenary session unanimously decided to lift the immunity of Andreas Patsis

Her lifting the immunity of Andreas Patsis, the plenary session of the parliament decided with 274 votes in favor and none against. It is recalled that the member of parliament of Grevena had also requested the lifting of his immunity, while the Ethics Committee of the Parliament had unanimously recommended the same a few days ago.

A related request has been forwarded by the competent prosecutor, requesting the permission of the parliament in order to prosecute Mr. Patsis, for the offenses of inaccurate and incomplete declaration of assets and continued participation in a foreign company.

Mr. Patsis did not want to take the floor. It is recalled that the opinion of the Ethics Committee to the Plenary was unanimously in favor of lifting the MP’s immunity.

Contrary to 272 votes “against”, against 2 “for”, the prosecutor’s request to waive the immunity of the ND deputy was rejected Nikolaou Manolakouregarding the lawsuit filed against him by his co-candidacy in the electoral district of A’ Piraeus with the charges of moral turpitude, issuing a false certificate, breach of duty and defamation.

Confrontation between Charalambos Athanassios and Pavlos Polakis

The SYRIZA deputy launched an attack from the seats of the parliament, Pavlos Polakis against the Second Speaker of the Parliament, Charalambos Athanasiou. The MP’s “outburst” is due to the fact that, as the former minister claimed, Mr. Athanasiou did not read in detail the reasons for the prosecution of Andreas Patsis. The tension was transferred to the benches with the tones rising between the MPs of the government and the official opposition.

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