Peru: President calls for peace and truce in riots – “I will retire in 2024 elections”

The president of Peru Dina Boluarte called today for a “truce” as the demonstrations with a request for her resignation and the dissolution of the Parliament they are not working already 46 people have lost their lives.

“I call my beloved country to a national truce” to “restore dialogue (…) set the agenda for each region (…) and develop the country,” she said in her speech to foreign correspondents. “I will not tire of asking for dialogue, peace and unity”she added, repeating word for word the phrase she had already said on January 20, in a televised speech.

Declarations of the president of Peru, Dina Boluarte

Boluarte assured that “has no intention of remaining in power” but he will respect the Constitution and step down when the elections are held, which are set for 2024. “Would my resignation be a solution to the crisis and violence? Who would assume the presidency of the Republic?” he wondered. Visibly moved, Boluarte asked as well “sorry for the dead.”

The protesters are persistently demanding their resignation, the dissolution of Parliament and the formation of a Constitutional National Assembly.

The riots started on December 7 after impeachment and arrest of the left-wing president Pedro Castillo who is accused of attempting a coup for dissolving the Parliament that was preparing to remove him from office.

Boluarte, Castillo’s former vice president, who was elected with him in 2021, emphasized that, like him, she also comes from the Andes. He accused him of plotting the coup to appear as a victim and not to give explanations to the prosecutors for the acts of corruption for which he had been accused. “There is no victim here, Mr. Castillo. There is a country bleeding because of your irresponsibility.” he said.

This crisis also reflects the huge gap between the capital and the poor provinces that supported Castillo and they considered that with his election they got revenge for the “contempt” shown to them by Lima. A large demonstration involving thousands of protesters from poor Andean regions is due to take place later today in the capital.

Source: RES-MPE

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