Plakiotakis: We are creating a state fund to renew and “green” the coastal fleet

The work of his ministry and the initiatives to be undertaken were reviewed by Mr Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Yiannis Plakiotakisduring an event of the Maritime Chamber of Greece at the Hellas Liberty Floating Museum in the port of Piraeus for the cutting of the New Year’s pie.

The minister announced the creation of a fund under the supervision of the Statein order to be used for the “greening” of the coastal fleetwhile he emphasized that after an international competition, a consultant will be selected to proceed with the relevant process.

He emphasized that the Greek government within this unstable environment, not only endured, but also attracted global giantsand underlined that shipping, in these three years, has not only kept its strength, but is a leading player on a global and European level.

He said that the Ministry of Shipping in its context International Maritime Organization IMO took initiatives for the implementation of global carbon pricing rules, while he added that in the European Union, following a proposal, the commercial manager of the ship will be included in the cost of compliance. At this point he thanked the Naval Chamber of Greece for his valuable contribution, in particular to the creation of the new legislative framework for yachting. He also referred to the close cooperation of the Ministry of Shipping with the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEP), the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and the Union of Greek Shipowners for the launch of the first management platform for the users of the port of Piraeus.

For the initiatives taken for the competitiveness and strengthening of the Greek registryhighlighted that compared to 2020, ship registrations were up by 23.8% in 2021 and by 42.8% in 2022. For the naval training referred to the creation of a bill that will universally address her issues, while for her utilization of the country’s port infrastructuresaid that the Ministry of Shipping managed and secured after negotiation with the EU, over 200 million euros from the NSRF and the Recovery Fund.
For Code of Private Maritime Law he said that it is changing after 64 years and that next week the relevant legislation is going to be submitted.

On his part, Mr president of the Maritime Chamber of Greece, George Paterassaid that during the pandemic, shipping successfully faced multiple challenges and successfully served maritime transport within and outside the country, despite the problems encountered in the manning of ships and ports.

For the renewal of the coastal ferry fleet, he estimated that in 2023 there will be positive results, while he thanked the Ministry of Shipping for the digitization of services, such as electronic charters, the electronic declaration of departure and arrival and the electronic ordering and payment of navigators. Referring to the history of the Hellas Liberty ship, he said that times were difficult then and the maritime profession was in demand, despite the difficult conditions on board. Today, despite all the comforts and possibilities, the sea does not attract young men and women and that is why the Maritime Chamber, in collaboration with the EEE, is organizing a campaign to inform young people about the maritime profession.

The president of EBEP, Vassilis Korkidis, said that everyone should realize the importance, the role and the power that Greek shipping gives us. He estimated that in order to realize the hope and dreams that the sea brings, a common understanding of the entire shipping cluster and especially the State is required. “We must invest in maritime innovation, which is a capital-intensive and knowledge-intensive sector, but also make every effort to improve the knowledge level of the human potential active in the entire range of maritime activities on land and sea, on new technologies related to the shipping effort,” he emphasized.

The former president of EEE Th. Veniamis was awarded

For his valuable contribution to Greek shipping, he was awarded during the event of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping for the cutting of the New Year’s pie, former president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Theodoros Veniamis.

In his statements, Mr. Veniamis said that during his term he fought for the good of Greek shipping, while he also came into conflict with ministers. He spoke about his good cooperation with the Maritime Chamber, while he wished the new president of the EEE Melina Traulou to continue the work of the Union, always for the good of shipping, as “we have to face difficult situations in front of us”.

Source: RES-MPE

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