Princess Eugenia: “My son will become an activist from the age of two”

THE Princess Eugenia stated that she wants her son to be an activist from “the age of two”. In fact, she also said that there is nothing plastic in her house as she has thrown it all away.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the 32-year-old said that after the birth of her son, August, “completely changed” the way he thinks about the environment.

“My son will become an activist from the age of two, that is in a few days. Everything is about them, right? Every decision we make now has to be about how August will be able to live his life.”

As her cousin admitted, Prince Harry is the one who has influenced her. He had said how “everything changed” when he became a father because he began to wonder: “What is the point of bringing a child into this world and when it reaches your age it burns?”

Princess Eugenie praised children – led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg – who refused to attend school as part of a “climate strike”.

“This week, led by Greta, the children of the world are on strike. There is an emergency. It is a race against time, which we are losing. Everyone knows it.”

Eugenia also said that becoming a mother made her more concerned about communities vulnerable to climate change.

“My son will become an activist from the age of two, that is in a few days. So, it’s all about the kids. Every decision we make now must be for the children, about how they will live their lives. But I think as a mother too, all of a sudden, you completely change, your hormones change, everything changes. Like now I’m afraid of airplanes and things like that, when I never would have been before.” he said characteristically.

Prince Andrew’s youngest daughter said she sees the world differently since becoming a mother and that her concerns about climate change have affected her lifestyle.

“At home we don’t have plastic, we try not to have as much plastic as possible and I try to teach him that. But it’s a battle.”

The princess also spoke of her hope for the future of the environment, saying: “I like to see ‘the glass half full’.”

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