Qatar-gate: Pancheri judges the fate of Kaili – Testifies today after the agreement with the Belgian authorities

With excellent interest and probably with the anxiety reaching the red for her Eva Kailithe testimony of the Italian former MEP is expected today Antonio Panzeri to the Belgian authorities (and in a secret location) on the case his foul case Qatar-gatewith the bribes of Europeans policies and actors.

The alleged as circuit brain has made an agreement with the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office in order to receive favorable treatment by committing to provide specific and reliable information for the others involved.

According the memorandum signed by Pancheri, has to reveal the structure and action of the circuit, the routes of the money from the sources to the politicians who were bribed. And against such a deposition, and as long as the information he delivers is reliable and accurate, he is expected to serve a sentence imprisonment of only one year and part of it at home with an electronic wristband, like at least his lawyers argue.

The Kaili side, where he was probably surprised from the agreement Panzeri made with the Belgian authorities, he believes that the Italian “lobbyist” is trying to gain time and protect not only himselfbut also members of his family, who may be involved in the circuit.

And of course the big question is whether today – or at any other time of course – Mr Panther will he refer to the Greek MEP herself, or will he limit himself to how his collaboration was with her partner and former assistant, Francesco Giorgi. Her partner Eva Kaili, Francesco Giorgi is scheduled to testify Thursday before Belgian authorities and is likely to repeat his original testimony that the jailed former vice president of the European Parliament he had not the slightest involvement in the circuit and he did not know his movements.

However, as the days pass, the climate becomes more and more burdensome for Eva Kaili. According to an extensive report by Politico, her sister Maddalena had founded it NGO “MADE Group”, which received an amount of 105,000 euros, through a pilot program that the Greek MEP had promoted in the European Parliament. And that after the revelation of Qatar-gate last December, Maddalena attempted to delete from the internet the “traces” of ELONtecha technology watchdog, of which she was executive director.

THE ELONtech organized events on topics such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, which were sometimes held at the European Parliament with Eva Kaili as a speaker.

But because the “traces” of her activities ELONtech remain on – a website that maintains data from the EU Transparency Register – Madalena Kaili recently requested in an email to this body the delete all relevant information.

Maddalena claims that the evidence “eare falsely listed on this platformsince ELONtech is not a legal entity, nor does it operate as a lobbying organization”.

Maddalena Kaili’s request, which was subsequently also submitted by her sister’s lawyer, Eva, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos remains pending as considers these to be official records.

“The data is taken from Transparency Register of EU lobbies, so all the information we present will have come from there and will have been declared by the registrant himself,” a administrator told Politico.

It should be noted that the ELONtech announced after the scandal broke that it was “obliged to curtail its operations” due to “unforeseen and turbulent conditions».

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