Qatargate: Belgium to withdraw extradition request for Panzeri’s daughter and wife, Italian press says

According to the Italian media, the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office is going to withdraw the extradition request, from Italy to Belgium, of the daughter and wife of Antonio Pantzeri.

“The change of attitude”, according to the defense lawyers of Silvia Panzeri and Maria Dolores Colleoni, “is concluded from an official document, which was shared in the previous hours”, as the newspaper La Stampa writes.

This morning, Silvia Panzeri’s lawyers announced that they have appealed to the Supreme Court of Italy against the decision of the Brescia Court of Appeal to extradite their client to Belgium. The related verdict on the extradition of Pancheri’s daughter and wife is expected on January 31. However, if the change of attitude of the Belgian prosecutors is officially confirmed, it will mean that the procedure lacks object.

“We will have to see if this decision implies the release of Silvia Panzeri and Maria Dolores Colleoni,” said one of the two defense lawyers for Panzeri’s relatives. It is recalled that the two women are under house arrest in northern Italy.

According to the Italian press, this development may be linked to Antonio Panzeri’s decision to cooperate, as a “repentant”, with Belgian justice.

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