Qatargate: On January 31 the vote to lift the immunity of Tarabella and Coccolino

On January 31, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee will vote on lifting the immunity of MEPs Andrea Coccolino and Mark Tarabellaaccording to press information.

Earlier today, the Italian centre-left MEP Andrea Coccolinospeaking to the European Parliament’s judicial affairs committee, waived his parliamentary immunity and declared that he bears no criminal responsibility in relation to Qatargate scandal.

THE Cotsolino he added that the charges against him are “very general” and maintained that he was never bribed with any amount of money.

“I am completely ignorant of the activities of Messrs. Giorgi and Pancheri,” said the MEP, according to the Italian press.

Coccolino pointed out, finally, that the e-mail sent by his assistant, Francesco Giorgibefore a crucial vote involving Qatar, had not received his approval and that “on the contrary, he himself voted in favor of amendments which stigmatized the entire policy of Qatar”.

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