Quarrel between Tzanakopoulos and Economou: “You are a defender of Pleuris” – “You will be hurt by the information”

The discussion on Tuesday morning (January 24) in the presence of the Minister of Health, Thanos Pleuris, turned into a fierce fight on live broadcast between SYRIZA MP Dimitris Tzanakopoulos and SKAI journalist, Dimitris Oikonomou.

It all started when the conversation turned to the scam set up in Evros with “little Maria” with Dimitris Tzanakopoulos to insist on not apologizing for SYRIZA’s adoption of claims that were ultimately proven to be false.

“Fascists like Mr. Pleuris, who appeared on the channels and said to drown them, will say sorry. Who will tell us to apologize. Let them apologize” said his deputy initially SYRIZA.

“You were wrong about little Maria?” asked the Thanos Pleuris by Dimitris Tzanakopoulos to answer “did Mr Mitarakis apologize?”.

“You have become a party of defamation of the country, your president tweeted that he served the smugglers, they made up a little girl to look dead, this is your humanitarianism” replied the Thanos Pleuris. At that point the Dimitris Tzanakopoulos called him Dimitris Oikonomou and the Akis Pavlopoulos “advocates of Thanos Pleuris” arguing that “you take me from the fence, to little Maria, to Mr. Kalogritsa”.

“You are below your role. When SYRIZA comes, will they hand out certificates? What can I tell you, I’m sorry because you are a public figure” reacted o Dimitris Oikonomou and added “when you have learned to set up the SYRIZA channel, you didn’t get through the setup you went to do and SKAI hurts you. You’re going to be in a lot of pain to be informed” before he finally stood up and ended the conversation.

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