Ramona Vladis for My Style Rocks: “They will see it for themselves on SKAI”

He was at an event of hairdressing products on the evening of Tuesday 24/1 Ramona Vladis, who spoke to the television cameras about the My Style Rocks.

The former reality fashion player, among other things, commented on the project that returned to our screens a while ago and was extremely sharp.

“All I can tell you is that the numbers speak for themselves. I tried to watch it. What I understand is that they don’t care what people want, they make a program for their party, so they will see it for themselves. They will sit there in the offices of SKAI, they will applaud by themselves and look by themselves”, said Ramona Vladis characteristically.

When she was asked about the faces of the jury, Ramona Vladis clarified: “The production chooses them, it’s not my fault, nor Iliana, nor Skoulos, nor Koudounaris.”

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