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As emerged from the investigation, the criminal organization started its activity at least two years ago.

Super luxury cars had put on target and was robbing gang from her area Western Attica which either exported with I wrote fakes and falsified frame numbers either the were recirculating in Hellas either the they broke up and were selling as spare parts!

Yes, its members gang as it turned out they had a particular “weakness” in the Range Rover which of course they are very expensive cars as well as the spare parts their.

However, the THE GREEK POLICE managed to arrest a gang member and are sought after two more people while the Authorities have already investigated 8 cases of theft.

In particular in the context of investigating cases thefts vehicles from different areas of it Attica recommended special police team of the above Service for the identification of the members of the organization and its termination criminal action.

Specifically, afternoon hours of 12-1-2023 o accused he was spotted by police officers of the above Service to be curious car in his area Korydallou. The police stopped him and took him to the headquarters of the Sub-Directorate for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Life and Property, where he was arrested.

As it emerged from the research n criminal organization started its activity at least two years ago.

Specifically its members with the use of an expert logistical equipmentsuch as diagnostics connected to vehicle doors, metal cutting wheels, oxygen cylinders etc., were removed mainly during the early hours of the morning parked vehicles from its various regions Attica.

Next, the they parked temporarily in isolated parts of South Suburbs or her Western Attica. After passing certain period of time and since the vehicles they did not have detected, they moved them to spaces parking in her area Petersburg.

Then either the exported in the abroad, either they faked their frame numbers and put them back on traffic, either were removing and reused in others vehicles the accessories their.

After searches in the possession of the accused, in houses and in various parking areas in Petersburg, in the Caress and to Ilion were found in total and confiscated 5 stolen cars1 motorcycle, stolen motor, stolen license plates, 3 car steering wheels and number of spare parts of cars and accessories, 54 cartridges inside a backpack, the amount of money of 260 euros and 4 mobile phones.

From the preliminary investigation of the above Service, they have been clarified so far 8 cases of theft from its regions pine, her Kifissia, her Glyfada, of Keratsiniou, of Chalandriou, of Piraeus, of Patision and her Voulas.

The 42-year-old citizen was arrested as part of the spontaneous procedure by police officers of the Property Crimes Prosecution Department of the Attica Security Directorate, for distinguished vehicle thefts by association, by series, by profession and by habit while also were identified and are sought and two other members her organization. It’s about 30 years old foreign and 40 years old home country.

The arrested person was taken to Mr. Criminal Prosecutor of Athens.

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