Renia Louizidou on her television children: I am shocked when I see them have grown so much

Renia Louizidou talked about the show where she stars, the reason she doesn’t have social media, but also how she feels when she sees her TV children have grown up.

The actress stated more specifically to the “Pame Danae” camera:

“I don’t have social media. I like the idea but think it is still in its infancy. It is hysteria, mania, disease. I feel like people on social media feel compelled to absolutely say something or post a picture of themselves. I don’t feel “photographed” not once a month, not once a day.”

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Then he added: “I’ve been steeped in insecurity for as long as I can remember. I think that when you go out in public you will not take your “curse” with you but you will do your best in a mood so as not to blacken their soul. What I have in common with my role in the show is that we are both women after 50. All women after that age go through certain tracks.”

Renia Louizidou also reported: “Older generations tried more to keep a relationship for social reasons. Today they don’t, and that’s healthy. I’m not sure that those who thought about becoming an actor and didn’t, understand exactly what this job is at its core. It took me at least ten years to feel that I was “made” to be an actor. As for the children who played her children in various series, she said, among other things: “First of all I am shocked because I see some people who are very old now.”


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