Rhodes: She thought the 44-year-old woman was missing from her house for a day – What she testified to the police

There are many unanswered questions about the circumstances of the disappearance of the 44-year-old mother Eleni Efthimiou, who was found alive at noon on Saturday by an Israeli hiker, in the rural area “Panagia” between Masara and Kalathos.

The woman, who was visibly distressed and exhausted, was taken to the Rhodes Hospital where she underwent a series of tests to assess her state of health. He is being treated in the hospital’s psychiatric ward until he recovers.

It is also noted that no signs of abuse emerged from the forensic examination to which she was submitted.

On Sunday, she gave a statement to police officers of the Security Directorate of Rhodes in order to shed light on the circumstances of her disappearance. However, according to her information “democratic”, the 44-year-old woman was not able to provide information about the route she followed, nor about how she found herself in the inaccessible area where she was found.

In fact, as can be seen from the answers she gave to the police, she had the feeling that she had been absent from her home for just one day. As she told the police, she had the impression that she had been missing from her home for just one night, while she had been showing signs of life since Monday, January 16, and was found on Saturday, January 21. During this time, there are few things that he is able to remember.

She reported that on Monday, January 16, her daughter did not want to go to school and finally, after convincing her, she took the child to the first recess and then, as she told the police, she went to light the candles in the chapel but without being able to determine to which.

When asked by the police if he was looking for the chapel of Agios Nektarios, he answered in the affirmative, but does not remember whether he found it or not. She said she drove to many churches herself. When asked if she remembered the car falling into the ravine where she was found, she said she did not, nor did she remember anyone else being in the car with her.

She said she had her cell phone with her which had been turned off due to battery, but at one point it was only turned on for emergency calls and then she called her mother and asked her to pick up the child from school.

It should be noted that when she was found, the 44-year-old woman did not have her mobile phone with her, which when asked by the police, she said that she had probably left it in the car, but where it was not found during the investigations.

As she mentioned, she had no money with her, only her card which was in her cell phone case, while when asked by the police what happened to her shoes – as the “democrat” wrote, she was found barefoot – she said that they were destroyed by walking and she threw them away .

She claimed that while she was alone in the forest, she cried out for help but no one heard her.

The little church, as she said she never found it and she doesn’t remember ever going to the monastery of Agios Paisios, even though security cameras and eyewitnesses show that at noon on Monday, just before she disappeared, she was there and stayed for a time. He answered in the negative to the question if he spoke by phone with the founder of Agios Paisios in Archangelos, while he said that during the time he had gone missing he was feeding himself, as he told the police, with leaflets and drinking water from the streams.

She claimed that there had been no previous threats to her life, that she did not come to the city of Rhodes, and that her ribs hurt on the left side and her arms on the right side, but she is unable to determine what caused this pain.

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