Robbery at a jewelry store in Thessaloniki: “The perpetrators left their tools behind,” says the owner

“I saw a figure from the cameras. The Police was immediately notified. I was told there was a hole breach. The perpetrators left their tools inside the store, which the police took away. They took jewelry and watches”its owner said a few hours after the burglary jewelry store in Thessaloniki.

The owner’s statement:

Jewelry store owner statement

The booty is over 35,000 euros

The perpetrators allegedly managed to grab jewelry worth thousands of euros.

According to the first estimates, the people who they broke into the business with the “riff-raff” method located on the street Egnatia 29they took dozens of jewels, the value of which exceeds 35,000 euros. The perpetrators seem to have taken advantage of her abandoned gallery Columbuson Egnatia Street, in order to find a way and “break into” the jewelry store.

The images published by show the large hole that they managed to open using different tools, in a closed shop inside the gallery, in order to reach the interior of the business.

That's how it happened "riff" the jewelry store of Thessaloniki

About 01.30 who carried out the burglary and with the weather conditions that prevailed in Thessaloniki, there was no one to perceive his movements and thus they had plenty of time to manage to dig undisturbed and find themselves inside the jewelry store.

Entering the store, it appears that they ransacked various areas to find their loot while quickly emptying several jewelry display cases, taking jewelry, watches and whatever else they found in front of them.


According to the first estimates, it seems that they left the same way they entered, while EL.AS. he was alerted by the business owner when he received a signal that the alarm was going off. In fact, a few minutes later, a second store manager from a nearby store called the call center about the alarm sounding.

Despite the immediate mobilization of the police, the blockade of the area and the investigations that began immediately, the perpetrators managed to flee. So far, it remains unknown whether the store was broken into by one person or more, however it is considered almost certain that at least two people participated in the break-in.

The case has been taken over by White Tower Security Department, while police officers from the Police Department continue to collect evidence. At the same time, the police are examining the footage from the security cameras of the business and nearby shops.

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