Russia – Zakharova: Europe to wake up from slumber – US benefits from war

Europe must urgently wake up from its slumber, remember that the United States benefited from the two World Wars launched by Western countries and not step into the same trap, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday, commenting on statement by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

Earlier, Tajani said that Europe does not have a real foreign and defense policy, “there is too much jealousy” between countries, and also that “Europe always ends up following the US”. According to Tajani, “neither NATO nor Europe, which is obliged to help Ukraine, is at war with Russia.”

“Don’t they understand that the US is dragging Europe into a big war? Why; Because Washington has long had no other means to strengthen the dollar and maintain the growth of the American economy, except to create foci of tension in the world,” Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel.

“Europe urgently needs to wake up from its lethargy and finally remember that the USA was the winner of the two World Wars launched by Western countries. While the whole world was on the ruins, Washington created the Pax Americana on the ashes,” Zakharova added.

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