Sakis Tanimanidis: The video with his daughters, Ariana and Philippa from their breakfast

A very beautiful everyday life is enjoyed by Christina Bomba and Sakis Tanimanidis since the day they first became parents and welcomed their twin daughters.

The presenter and the influencer are also very active on social media and there they share many of the beautiful moments with their little ones, Ariana and Filippa, who have stolen the hearts of both their parents and their close friends.

On the morning of Wednesday 25/1, Sakis Tanimanidis wanted to greet his followers with a very tender video with her daughters, who wanted to pamper their dad and “prepare” his breakfast.

As you will see in the relevant excerpt, the loving dad made his protein and gave it to his little ones to mix the mixture properly. However, little Ariana seemed to be having a lot of fun with it as she didn’t want to return her dad’s drink.

Watch the delightful video:

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