Serie A: Lazio helped Napoli win the title, 4-0 Milan – See the goals

“Fire” took the battle in Serie A in terms of three of the four tickets leading to the 2023/2024 Champions League.

Given that Napoli don’t look set to lose either of them (whether they win the title or not), the Lazio with today’s emphatic victory over her Milan (4-0) at the “Olimpico” gave even more interest to the “hunt” for the remaining three “tickets”, which are now claimed by 5 teams, with the completion of the first round of Serie A (19th matchday)!

The protagonists of the winners were the 27-year-old Italian midfielder, Matteo Jacani, who assisted Milinkovic-Savic in the 4th minute and in the 38th minute laid the foundations for the “three points”, while the 30-year-old Spanish midfielder took over in the second half. Luis Alberto, who with a penalty in the 67′ increased the score to 3-0 and with the assist to Felipe Anderson in the 75′ gave the Brazilian striker the opportunity to add his name to the scorers’ table.

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Lazio, after qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia last Thursday against Bologna (1-0), proved that they are on the rise with their 2nd consecutive victory (3rd in all competitions), in contrast to the ” rossoneri”, who have taken the… down ride.

They suffered a heavy defeat in the Super Cupe final against Inter Milan (3-0), while in the league after two consecutive draws with Roma and Lecce (with the same score, 2-2), they lost for the first time after six matches (3 -3-1) and for 3rd in the league, after the 2-1 from Torino on 30/10 and the 1-2 from Napoli on 18/09.

Matchday 19 results and Serie A standings:

Verona-Lecce 2-0 (40′ Depaoli, 54′ Lazovic)

Salernitana-Napoli 0-2 (45’+3 Di Lorenzo, 48′ Osimen)

Fiorentina-Torino 0-1 (33′ Mirandchuk)

Sampdoria-Udinese 0-1 (88′ Ezhibue)

Monza-Sassuolo 1-1 (60′ Capra-13′ Ferrari)

Spezia-Roma 0-2 (45′ El Saraoui, 49′ Abraham)

Juventus-Atalanda 3-3 (25′ pen. Di Maria, 34′ Milik, 65′ Danilo – 5′, 53′ Luqman, 46′ Mele)

Bologna-Cremonese 1-1 (55′ auto. Kirikes – 50′ Okereke)

Inter-Eboli 0-1 (66′ Baldanci)

Lazio-Milan 4-0 (4′ Milinkovic-Savic, 38′ Jacani, 67′ Pen. Luis Alberto, 75′ Felipe Anderson)

RATING (in 19 games)

Napoli 50

Milan 38

Lazio 37

Inter 37

Roma 37

Atalanta 35

Udinese 28

Turin 26

Emboli 25

Juventus 23

Fiorentina 23

Bologna 23

Monza 22

Lecce 20

Spetsia 18

Salernitana 18

Sassuolo 17

Verona 12

Sampdoria 9

Cremonese 8

* Juventus have been penalized with a 15 point deduction.

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