Serres: Fraud against two elderly people with loot of 150,000 euros was solved – PPC employees were impersonated

Fraud with victims of two elderly sisters from a village in the municipality of Visaltia Serron and loot amounting to 150,000 euros, in cash, police officers of the Security Department of Serres investigated.

The perpetrators were identified as two citizens (Roma), 37 and 31 years old, who pretended to be PPC employees and under the guise of the risk of fire due to an alleged problem in the power supply networkconvinced unsuspecting old women to collect the money they kept inside their house and place it inside a pillowcase.

As it emerged from the police investigation, the 37-year-old was the one who entered the single-family home of the two elderly brothers (76 and 80 years old) and grabbed the cash using the above method, while his 31-year-old accomplice was waiting for him in a getaway vehicle.

The incident happened at the beginning of the year (4/1) and was reported to the police who started investigations. From the details of the vehicle, the police reached the tracks of the perpetrators, while the 37-year-old was reportedly recognized by the victims. The case filed against them was forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office of Serres for further action.

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