Serbia-Kosovo: Vucic says he will seek a compromise based on the Franco-German plan

The president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic revealed that the Euro-American delegation presented to him on Friday the plan for the Kosovo warned him that his possible rejection would have serious consequences for her Serbia.

“They told me: You will face first, the interruption of the European integration process, second, the interruption and withdrawal of investments, third, comprehensive measures will be taken at the political and economic level that will harm Serbia. This was repeated to me three times during the conversation and each time I reacted strongly,” Aleksandar Vucic explained during a press conference.

The Serbian president stated that de facto only the so-called Franco-German proposal is on the negotiating table and reiterated his intention to participate in the dialogue on this plan.

He pointed out that maintaining a “frozen conflict” is the worst option and for that – he considered – it is necessary to reach a compromise.

In order to counter his critics at home, Aleksandar Vucic assured that he did not sign any documents and said that when the process reaches the final stage and decisions need to be made, the parliament and the people will decide. Referring to the trade-offs offered to Serbia to accept the plan, Mr. Vucic said that “this time they only brought the whip”, but added: “I believe that in the future we will have better news. I asked for various things, support and help from the European Union.”

The president of Serbia will hold consultations on the European plan for Kosovo with opposition parties and social organizations in the coming days.

Source: RES-MPE

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