“Sheftiles” – Stavroula Chrysaeidi broke out on Survivor All Star

On tonight’s episode of Survivor All Star, Stavroula Chrysaeidi expressed her displeasure with the final vote of the red team.

Spyros Martikas is the second candidate to leave, while Eleni Haberi almost found herself on the chopping block too, after receiving several votes from her team.

Commenting on what happened, Stavroula Chrysaeidi burst out.

Speaking to the survival reality camera he said: “I have one thing to say about yesterday’s council: You are out of your mind. This. Only this, we really see so many who say “we will vote competitively, we want players who are weak in the taco to come out, not to come out for the strong ones to win immunities, food”… nothing”.

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The player spoke of a clique in the Reds team, saying: “This is what I see, four boys and one girl have become a group and they vote for me women, which women bring the most points. So now we’re going to go completely crazy.”

Earlier, Marialena Roumeliotis also commented on the fact that Eleni Haberi was “betrayed” as she said by Nikos Bartzis in the vote.

In a conversation she had with her teammates in their hut, Marialena Roumeliotis said:

“I want to talk about the Reds’ vote because they judged us not to vote competitively and they made a fool of us. And the quintet that Eleni voted for was the quintet of Martikas, Stathis, Bartzis, and Aphrodite. I feel sad for Bartzis because he turned the burger upside down, as he also says. In our own game, he called Eleni a cold girl, his friend, he wanted her to be a winner, not just a “cold girl” and he said bring ours and now he betrayed her.”

Glomex Player(40599w16ki4e70hs, v-cq0muocwf11l)

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