Sissy Fida: “It is not easy to be a mother, a wife and a career woman”

THE Sissy Fida she gave an interview on the show “Elene” and talked about the relationship she has with her daughter, while admitting that her marriage has come second, since she is devoting herself to her child.

“It’s not easy to be a mother, a wife and a career woman,” he said initially and added: “The relationship with my daughter is borderline romantic. Dad, because he is away for many hours due to work, when he sees her he does everything intensely. Marriage comes second, first of all is the child. Marriage takes work, you try to keep it at a level so you don’t have big changes from before.”

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Sissy Fida then spoke about the rude behavior she has received from time to time: “Unfortunately, many times because of my gender I faced insulting, rude and strange behavior. When someone tries to impose himself on me, I show in my way that he will lose.”Article photo: NDPPHOTO / NIKOS DROUKAS

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